We offer three main packages to club clients:

Package 1: Technical Scouting + Club Network

Package 1 provides clubs with a technical scouting tool, player recommendations, and membership of our club network.

This means that clients receive the following services:

Initial meeting to determine the club’s requirements for players based on their playing style and budget.

Unlimited access to our player search and comparison tools.

Club network membership allowing in-network loans and transfers to be completed for mutual benefit. One in-network deal can save a club vast amounts of money.

Club specific recommendations from our comprehensive scouted player database covering players without data.

Package 2: Full-Service Scouting

The full-service pack buys access to an exclusive within league relationship with MRKT Insights.

We provide a full scouting department along with our network of experts and contacts.

Our preferred model is to work with a club appointed Head of Recruitment (HoR).

The HoR acts as the club’s representative and liaises with the board and head coach to provide us with the information required to come up with affordable recommendations with the potential to increase in value.

We provide a full scouting service; recommending players to fit your requirements, giving quick but detailed feedback on any targets you recommend.

We have a network of experts covering the globe and are able to quickly provide local knowledge and player recommendations.

24/7 coverage is provided via WhatsApp and scheduled weekly meetings set the agenda and review the recommendations made.

For the cost of approximately 2 full-time scouts, you have access to 2 data scientists, 4 scouts and our network of consultants who provide global league coverage and contacts. 

Priority access to a club network that can both reduce squad costs significantly and give you access to highly promising talents before they are widely known. One club network trade can save multiple times the cost of our annual contract.

Package 3  – Club development “in a box”

We believe analytical thinking is key to success in football. 

A modern club should aim to make consistently good decisions based on the best possible evidence.

They should learn from the best practice of successful clubs and develop processes that will lead to their desired outcomes.

MRKT Insights can help with this. We have professional backgrounds in working with large organisations to develop robust systems and work efficiently. 

We have actionable plans, ready to go, with multi-year plans to take clubs to success.

A strategic department within your club to provide leading-edge recruitment analytics, a thriving club network, and player and staff development. 

Costs: POA depending on the scope of the project.