We work with clubs and ownership groups to help them use data to make better decisions:

Technical Scouting

MRKT Insights help clients create winning football teams.

We do this through data and analysis-informed scouting, working with the in-house staff to identify where teams can be improved, and finding the best available options to do so.

We have recruited for teams in the Champions League and teams in emerging leagues, with league titles on 3 continents, and multiple millions of profit on player trading. We don’t just supply lists of names, we watch tens of thousands of hours of video each year, and use our worldwide network to find the best deals for our partner clubs.

We have developed our own in-house scouting software.

Every active player in world football has a profile with each metric ranked against their peers in the same division and position.

Compare any two players in any positions to see how their performance stats line up.

Each client also gets their own unique database. We work with the club to create specific positional profiles for each player. We then suggest relevant players and grade them (A-D) for suitability to the club system and the player’s ability. We can also assess club and agent recommendations.

We supply this service at any professional level, as long as there is footage on Wyscout or Instat.

We work with the club recruitment and technical staff to “calibrate” our eyes with theirs and have successfully worked with Champions League winning coaches who have grown to trust our opinions.

There are now players we have recommended or helped assess, playing on 3 continents.

This service is available to any client for one-off projects which are priced depending on the level the club is paying at, and the length of the project.

Full-Service Scouting

We provide a full scouting department along with our network of experts and contacts. We dedicate thousands of hours to scouting and have a large database of ready scouted players. We watch every game every week at EFL level and cover U23/U18 and Scottish football in great depth too.

We dedicate resources to the leagues most valuable to our client base but have the capacity to cover any league in the world. With the GBE permit changes in the UK we have expanded our South American coverage.

Our preferred model is to work with a club-appointed chief scout or head of recruitment.

The scout acts as the club’s representative and liaises with the board and head coach to provide us with the information required to come up with affordable recommendations with the potential to increase in value.

We provide a full scouting service; recommending players to fit your requirements, giving quick but detailed feedback on any targets you recommend.

We have a network of experts covering the globe and are able to quickly provide local knowledge and player recommendations.

24/7 coverage is provided via WhatsApp and scheduled weekly meetings set the agenda and review the recommendations made.

We can help you develop reports to help with the final stages of recruitment.

Analytics “in a box”

In addition to our recruitment-based work we can supply both a full data science service and opposition and performance analysis.

We have purchased full data for certain leagues from a data supplier and created an in-house performance team containing qualified coaches and performance analysts. Our aim is to supplement your in-house team providing them with both the data they need and a second opinion to help make the best decisions.

We can provide insights at any individual player or team level, with clear data visualisations that show what is happening on the pitch.

We work with specialists in set piece design with track records of success to provide clients with help offensively and defensively.

With clubs in the EFL already working with us have developed a system that allows us to turn leading edge analytics into insights that can actually have an impact on the pitch.

Contact us for a demonstration.

Ownership Groups and Sporting Directors

We believe analytical thinking is key to success in football. 

A modern club should aim to make consistently good decisions based on the best possible evidence.

They should learn from the best practice of successful clubs and develop processes that will lead to their desired outcomes.

MRKT Insights can help with this. We have professional backgrounds in working with large organisations to develop robust systems and work efficiently. 

We work with leading Sporting Directors, Heads of Recruitment, and CEOs on research projects and system designs to give their clubs a competitive advantage.

We have actionable plans, ready to go, with multi-year plans to take clubs to success.

A strategic department working with your club to provide leading-edge recruitment analytics, a thriving club network, and player and staff development. 

Costs: POA depending on the scope of the project.

Workflow Software

With over 25 years of combined consultancy experience across a variety of industries, MRKT Insights are uniquely placed to bring commercial best practice into football. 

We have combined the best commercial software products on the market, with our football analytics database to create a powerful system that allows clubs to have a single system that can be used to record their daily activity.

The system is already in use at some of the most innovative and well-regarded clubs in football.

Every installation is unique allowing clubs to create the workflows and processes that suit their needs, backed up by MRKT’s industry-leading data analysis.

Senior Staff Recruitment

MRKT Insights provide recruitment solutions for senior football staff.

We maintain a large and steadily growing database of Head Coaches and Sporting Directors.

We have supported clubs in the Champions League in the recruitment process for their Head Coaches, and have advised clubs on candidate lists and background checks for their Sporting Director hires.

Our process uses data but we also like to meet with and speak to senior staff to ensure their personalities are good fits with our clients.

Investment in Football

MRKT Insights provide a consultancy service for those looking to invest in club football.

We can provide footballing due diligence at league level or club level.

We have completed projects for potential investors interested in UK, European, and South American club football. We can provide squad valuations and evaluations. We can provide analysis of the competitiveness of the league and examples of successful strategies. We can advise on staff hiring, and developing club structures and business plans.


A particular specialism of MRKT Insight is in creating successful multi-club networks.

We have advised and supported investors in creating strategic networks, aligning staff across multiple locations and cultures, and profitable player trading strategies.