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Player Recruitment

We create tools clubs can use to improve their recruitment process and data-based opposition analysis that can help coaches with match preparation.

Opposition Analysis

Our recruitment and opposition analysis reports are uniquely configured for each client's specific requirements.

Bespoke Tools

We develop our own analysis and recruitment tools to help football clubs make better decisions

  • EFL Championship
  • League One
  • League Two
  • Europa League


Reports and Analysis

Holding out for a hero

The single scientist working alone who makes a world-changing discovery, the doctor who performs life saving surgery, the programmer who built a trillion dollar company.  We love stories about geniuses who have performed feats nobody Read more…

Informal networks in football

Multi-club ownership groups enjoy a number of advantages over single club structures.  Some examples include: Recruiting high potential players earlier in their careers rather than having to wait for them to reach the club’s level. Read more…